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Management of stress and emotions by Christiane Toussaint

Theme: Benevolence towards oneself to be then with others

Every 2nd Thursday of the month: from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.-45 p.m.

Dates 2023: March 09; April 13;  May 11; June 08; July 13; August 10, September 14; October 12; November 09 and December 14.

Price: 10€/person (on reservation)

Course of a group workshop:

  • Welcome of participants and explanations on Mindfulness

  • Beginning of the session, lying on your carpet to the sound of a Tibetan bowl, you are ready for a moment of discovery. I won't tell you more… Be in the discovery, attentive and curious. Don't expect anything, this is where it all happens!

  • Moment of speaking: Expression of the feelings of the session.

  • Tasting of tea and a small snack, all this in full awareness.


Place of the workshop: L'Inattendue, Bed and Breakfast Well-being, Rue Al Paul, 15 at 6880 Bertrix

Contact: Christiane Toussaint, tel 0494 78 46 35

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