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Stress reduction through Mindfulness (MBSR) or full awareness, this technique developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn in 1979. It is the adaptation of Buddhist Meditation which aims to combat anxiety, stress, illness and pains.

Meditation is not about relaxing or not thinking like many people think. But rather to reorient one's attention in a deliberate and targeted way, towards one or more present elements such as breathing, bodily sensations (with pain or without pain),...

This observation will be done in a benevolent and non-judgmental manner. Comfortably lying covered with a very warm plaid, carried by my voice which will be very soft to take you to discover your strong interior. 

La  practice according to Christophe André suggests, in the face of moments of daily stress, not to try to escape this moment by distraction (by thinking of something else) or by action (by being absorbed in the work or leisure). On the contrary, it is a question of welcoming it and observing it in a particular state of consciousness and bodily awakening which makes it possible to prevent it from worsening or from becoming symptomatized and chronic.

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