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The natural treatments that I offer you here, I have experienced them all.
Then, I trained myself to be able to offer them to you in two ways for your very specific needs.

The treatments are carried out during a stay to relearn how to relax, to take a step back by combining business with pleasure.

Stay & care
You can only come for a consultation for a specific problem. Muscle pain - Stress - Fears - Anxiety - Difficult sleep - Fatigue
Managing emotions
Support before/during/after pregnancy
Support for the bereavement of a loved one


Our cares

soins sonothérapie.jpg
plantar (MTC)

Plantar reflexology consists of pressing and massaging reflex zonesat very specific places on the feet in order to trigger beneficial reactions. 

The session restores the body's means of self-healing, of energy balance of the organs in a natural way and deep relaxation.

Mindfulness (MBSR)

The Mindfulness / Mindfulness session consists of learning to come back to the present moment. 

Learn to welcome everything that is there, in the present moment with kindness without judgment. 

The basis for becoming autonomous in one's well-being.

Tibetan bowl and
sound therapy

Listening to sounds and vibrations provides a soft and penetrating sensation having the particularity of releasing your stress almost instantly. 

The benefits of the Tibetan Bowl and other instruments do not stop there! vibration*allows the release of conscious or unconscious energy blockages. 

Sound therapy allows you to reach a modified state of consciousness, similar to that of meditation.

*only inface-to-face care

Head massage

Enjoy a head massage with 32 acupressure points!

This massage balances body and mind, releases blockages and has the effect of deep relaxation...


The care provided by Christiane plunged me into an inner journey.

During this magical moment, time stops to give way to the essential,

his deep self.


Dr Inigues G

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