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Tibetan bowl and sound therapy

Already seen but very little known to the general public for having experienced it in care. You let yourself be carried away by the sound of the Bowl, also called "the song of the Tibetan Bowl".  

Simply listening to sound and vibrations provides a soft and penetrating sensation that releases your stress almost instantly.

And, the benefits of the Tibetan Bowl don't stop there! 

 Vibration*allows the opening of conscious or unconscious energy blockages.

 Sound therapy allows you to reach a modified state of consciousness, similar to that of meditation. 

If, during the day, the brain works in beta waves, fast waves intended for thoughts and communication, in Sonotherapy, the length of the cerebral waves is greater. Slower, the latter act directly at the cognitive level by relaxing and stimulating understanding, imagination and creativity.


*face-to-face care only

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