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Plantar reflexology

The oldest traces of plantar reflexology come to us from the Egyptians and from the 4th century in China. The feet represent the human body in miniature, all the systems are represented there. Harmonizes the lymphatic, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, urinary, nervous, hormonal system… Reflexology consists of pressing reflex zones in very specific places on the feet in order to trigger beneficial reactions. It restores the body's means of natural self-healing.

Plantar reflexology is based on the energy of the organs but also on the chakras and the meridians.

The essential oils associated with the plantar reflexology session work wonders on energy blockages, stress, insomnia, transient or chronic fatigue, burn-out, intestinal transit, skin problems, nervousness, pain and a thousand other inconveniences that poison our daily lives. 

This approach allows us to act responsibly. We wake up slowly in order to be more aware of life, of what happens to us, to create the link between everything. Taming and welcoming emotions sooner than running away from them or running away from them. This natural medicine seeks to help the body perform its functions. In a word, it supports the biological process of self-healing.

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